I wanna be making graphics again! Huwaaa!!!!

>> Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I totally miss making graphics. I want to make graphics again. I miss my Photoshop. SOB! I'm not paying subscription to Livejournal every 2 months for nothing y'know.

My babies..

I need to get a new HDD. My outdated (yet still lovable - gotta be careful with what I say. My computer has feelings. I shit you not!) 40GB system disc is only a mere stone's throw away from being filled to capacity and my second is still MIA as fas as my BIOS is concerned. I'm thinking of getting a 300GB HDD this time mwahahahaha! And that will take like 16 hours to defragment, if I'm lucky.

Gotta back up everything, format the new HDD, install drivers, import my shit back... Can I take a whole week off from work to do this? Gotta test my Sims2 games and all after all
[^_-] I'm sure there must be allocation for that somewhere in my contract - heh.


I had a dream...

>> Thursday, October 23, 2008

And what a strange dream it was. My dreams always have linear yet illogical, movie like quality to it. Usually these kind of dreams are really fresh when you first wake up but gradually fades through out the day, but the feeling it leaves behind stays with you. I barely remember last night's dream, but what I remember most is having Edward Cullen of Twilight(!) series in it.

Now I'll just go through the bit I remember most.

Edward was coming over to my house to see someone (Bella?). Some guys didn't like the fact the he was a vampire and they were gonna beat him up. I wanted to tell them that Edward was a good guy and he didn't deserve to be treated like that but I also knew that they couldn't possibly hurt, immortal vampire and all that he is. I did try to convince the guys to leave Edward alone but they ignored me.

When Edward showed up in front of my house, the guys went over and beat him up. I watched from like 10 feet away, feeling anxious, which doesn't make sense but no part of this dream makes sense anyways. It went on for a bit longer than I was able to be patient for and I was just picking up some form of weapon to help him when it was all over. All the guys left him looking pleased with themselves, the imaginary bastards!

Edward walks in looking all sad emotionally hurt. I put my arms around him to give him a hug and he cries! Erm, right.

Edward, kindly grow some balls, please.

Methinks I better stop re-reading my Twilight books. This is just so messed up. Obviously, my subconscious thinks Edward is pretty whipped for a powerful immortal but who cares? If a Mary Sue character written by someone who most likely was a closet ff.net writer can make it to the big screens, then dang it so can my slashy stuff! LOL I wish!


Arrrgh! The pain!

>> Monday, October 20, 2008

My tooth hurts. Damn it! Adeh! Adeh! Adoiiiiii!!!! I feel like I want to bite someone's head off.

On Saturday, I didn't go the Team Building because of really bad case of migraine. My right side of the head all hurts. My eye hurts, my ear hurts, my neck hurts, even my teeth hurt! So, naturally I thought that my migraine triggered the tooth problem. Yesterday, no more migraine but still toothache. And last night! It just keep throbbing and hurts so bad.

I've had worse, of course. But I can tell this is gonna be a bad one. The problem is that it triggers my migraine too. So double bummer. And my medical card doesn't cover dental, so triple bummer.

Arrggh!!! Here come the pain.


This too shall pass..

>> Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I feel dead beat tired and under appreciated. My days go on and on, with barely a moment's pause. Sometimes I forget to breathe. I am trying to make this work but sometimes it's just so... hard. I need a time out. Some time for me. I'm not sure if I can ever make you understand. This is silly. When was the last time I was able to be honest like this? A while, I'll bet. Is there anywhere for me to turn to? Just feeling emo-ish at the mo'. It'll pass. It always does.


In the absensence of light

>> Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Haven't updated here in a while. But I am proud to unveil my new blog, just my for TV shows here! Well, mostly proud, cause it still need a lot of work, but hey, at least I'm updating that one on a regular basis ^_^ Oh, and they're not my TV shows. Just the whole bunch of them that I watch on a regular basis.

This week, Daylight Savings is on. Basically it just means that for the next 6 months(?), Ausies will be 3 hours ahead of us, instead of 2. It also means we have to get to work an hour earlier huwaaaa!!!! At least it's still the same for me at 6am. Could be worse. I could have gotten the 5am shift. Erk! That is just inhuman.

Main reason didn't wanna update coz I was bummed out about having to work on Raya. At least back in Celcom, I could request for afternoon shift or something. I just want to spend the first Raya morning at home. But maybe, I won't have to worry about that anymore???

Oh, and I am finally better. Almost. Darn cough and flu was bugging me for almost 2 weeks. It's been a while since I was sick like. I just wanted to curl up in bed for a week and not leave the house. Alhamdulillah, getting better now.

Well, I'm off to watch 90210. Later!

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