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>> Thursday, September 25, 2008

This is the formal announcement for my second HDD that has finally meet its ultimate demise...

Rest in pieces you bastard! Damn you to hell for taking all my graphics, resources, MP3s and illegally downloaded TV shows! I curse you to the undying pits of hell for giving up on precious life without giving me any prior warning. Damn you!!!!!

There's still a couple of options for me to try to resuscitate you. I'll give it a go when I have the time. In the mean time, you are SO not on my favourite people list for not letting me make new icons for Supernatural's season 4 epi 1, Lazarus Rising and for slashing Dean with the new hunk on the block, a fallen angel nevertheless(!), Castiel.

Oh, and Al-fatihah.

Disgruntled clone PC user


It just f-ing hurts!

>> Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I honest to God feel like crap. To take MC or just ask permission not to answer calls today, I wonder. I'm so worried about being labeled as "dodgy" that I'm willing to suffer for this. Typical me. Always worry about others before worrying about myself. It'll be the death of me one of these days.
Yesterday, like 5 minutes before Buka, I went to the toilet and discovered that my dinding uterus has finally runtuh. Huwaaa!!! Just 5 more minutes to go! Can't you girls hang on for that long? And my horribly annoying cough won't let up. Now I have asthma. Already took my medicine like the good girl that I am, but the side effect has kicked in thus the accelerated heart rate and shaky fingers.

Calls not so bad this morning. Maybe I'll make it yet. Here's hoping to that. We'll see how it goes.


A new beginning?

>> Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Not feling well today. Or yesterday either. But cannot MC. Cannot be dodgy. Last week already EL because Syakirah was sick. Now it's her Mama's turn. *SIGH*

Feeling kinda bloated right. I wish my period would come so I won't be this emotional. *SIGH*

Microsoft dude is here this week. Cannot watch my shows (90210, Gossip Girl, House, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Supernatural)... And it's the season premiere for Supernatural too. Dean is no longer dead. I'd jump for joy if I wasn't feeling so bloated. *SIGH*

Not feeling so festive. No cuti raya for me. So erm, if all goes well, maybe this will be the last time I worry about that? Insya-Allah...

Unnnh. I really feel sick. I think I'm gonna pass out... Quick! Somebody catch m...


Too late. *SIGH*


Alltime Official Song For The Blues

>> Friday, September 5, 2008

Bad hair aside, this is the song that keeps repeating in my playlist when I'm feeling sad.

To Be With You - Mr Big

Hold on little girl
Show me what he's done to you
Stand up little girl
A broken heart can't be that bad

When it's through, it's through
Fate will twist the both of you
So come on baby come on over
Let me be the one to show you

I'm the one who wants to be with you
Deep inside I hope you feel it too
Waited on a line of greens and blues
Just to be the next to be with you

Build up your confidence
So you can be on top for once
Wake up who cares about
Little boys that talk too much

I've seen it all go down
Your game of love was all rained out
So come on baby, come on over
Let me be the one to hold you


Why be alone when we can be together baby
You can make my life worthwhile
And I can make you start to smile

When it's through, it's through
Fate will twist the both of you
So come on baby come on over
Let me be the one to show you


Feelin' blue

This is the last straw. I am totally feeling demotivated. Not about anything specific per-se, just about life as a whole. I've been having a string of really bad luck lately. It's just one thing after another in such a short span of time. I swear somebody is out there to get me. Why am I missing the big picture? Is God too tired of sending subtle hints to me that he's sent major ones so I would stand up and take notice? It's like I have a giant magnet on my back that keeps attracting bad luck or something. I just want to crawl into my happy place and stay there until everything goes away.

I know the routine. There's a silver lining and every dark cloud. Things always get worse before they get better.
Blah blah blah. That's all great. When things are starting to look up those are all fantastic. But when you're on a downhill spiral and you just discovered that your brakes are out, you have no choice but to clip on your seat belt, grab a helmet if you have time, and hang on for dear life. *SIGH*

Is it time for a change yet?

Every dark cloud has a silver lining
But lightning kills hundreds of people each year who are trying to find it

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