S-oooooooooo, I'm like, what the heck, Nokia??!

>> Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nothing like mortal fury to give one the motivation to update one's long abandoned blog, eh?

I am a disconcerted owner of a Nokia C7 for the past 48 hours. I know I have always said that smart phones are for smart users only ™, but I always thought that, at least, I have to belong in the intermediate user category. I mean, heck, I worked in a telecommunication company for 3 years. That's gotta count for something, right?  

At the time, it was a toss between Blackberry Torch and Nokia N8. Alas, my eyes fell upon the sleek Nokia C7 in white and silver, thus, my fate was sealed. I admit that being a Symbian non-advocate all these years, there were stumble blocks for me, at first, to navigate my way around. My technical side (as opposed to my whiny side) prevailed and grew quite fond of the new Symbian^3 operating system.

You know how when people say that if things are too good to be true, it usually is? It is, unfortunately, very true.

It starter out small at first. The phone would not read my SIM card. I had to reinsert the SIM card and restart the phone at least 6-7 times before the issue stopped reoccurring. For a brief stint afterwards, I received memory error when launching an application. Today, it behaved as beautifully as its gleaming exterior casing until I tried to send a simple text message this evening. The message would not send and remained in my outbox. Naturally, the service provider gets the first blame. To justify my misgivings, I had Baybe to try and send a text message to me. The message was sent but my Nokia C7 remained eerily silent, and no, it was not on silent mode. The message I had tried to send earlier was also still very much stuck in my Outbox. I then made the biggest mistake I could possibly make... I tried to restart the phone.

The phone. Simply refused. To start. At all.

A quick Google search later and I found out that this is quite common in Symbian^3 phones such as Nokia C7 and N8. It is now past 1am and I am tired, frustrated and my eyes hurt from squinting at the ludicrously tiny default font that Nokia forums use. Or maybe I am just being petty.

Anyways, tomorrow I will go and exchange the deceased C7 for a more livelier one. Or should I top-up the RM200 and just get a N8 like I originally planned? Better yet, maybe I should just demand a full refund and go with Blackberry.

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