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>> Thursday, June 24, 2010

I realize that I have been absent from most of my frequent online haunts for close to a couple of weeks now. Before anybody decides to file a missing bloggers report, I can explain! 

When I have a lot on my  mind, Photoshop is my best friend. It calms me down so that I can work out any emotional imbalance that I have and allows me to think rationally. In other words, it neutralizes my crazy. The only thing is, now I have a stack of graphics just staring in me the face asking the all important question, "What am I doing here, just sitting in this folder? Is this all there is to life?". Then I realized, "Ohmigawd, inanimate manipulated photos are speaking to me through a computer monitor. I need help."  

Somewhere along this incoherent rambling, I figured, I should get back in touch with my roots... writing and graphics. Someday, I will tell you a story about a little girl who dared to dream. Not today, though.

I am in the midst of setting up a graphics community to dump all my graphics on LiveJournal. It's not even that creatively named *rolleyes*  I am also riding the wave that is Gyllen-mania *wipes drool*. All this will make me a busy, busy little bee indeed. To all my blog friends and silent readers (if any), do pop in to say hi and don't be afraid to maybe crack that whip in my direction. Maybe it'll scare me enough to post more consistently here LOL.

Here is the kind of stuff I do... Stock photo from here.



There is just so much beauty in stark colored photos IMHO. If you have a LJ account, feel free to friend me. I will add you back ^____^.


Beco Butterfly II Baby Carrier Review

>> Wednesday, June 9, 2010

At last! At long last! Nobody was home the day my Beco arrived, so I had to ask someone else to pick it up for me the next day at Poslaju office. But all is well. I guess I saved abang Poslaju another trip too, my Baby Cubes from Fabulous Moms arrived as well, so I got 2 parcels in 1 day. Yeay! I'll blog about the 'Cubes later.

Since this is my first SSC (Soft Structured Carrier), I was surprised at how bulky it was. Maybe it's just Beco, after all this was supposed to be good for hiking. Not that I ever gone hiking in the past decade or so, but you never know. The second thing that hit me was how beautiful the Tyler print is in real life. It is exactly how it appeared online, so was definitely pleased. Oh erm, now I see why some people took an instant dislike for Beco. What am I supposed to do with all these buckles?

Time to pop in the instructional DVD that came with the Beco then.

Once the formal introductions were over and dealt with...
Hello, Beco. My name is Shareen. Please don't strangle me with all your buckles and straps. Please?

... Asyraf was fast asleep. Since it was almost the weekend, we postponed the grand ceremony till then.

The detachable infant seat is the trickiest, IMHO. Plus, it added a couple more buckles to the half dozen already on the Beco. We tried to put Asyraf without the infant seat, but we can only see 2 inches of his head above the neck/head support thingy. Baybe turned out to be better at assembling the Beco. Go figure.

Asyraf stopped crying after we strapped him in.

He was even all smiles after, playful as ever.

Being SSC virgins, we only tried Front Carry for now. There are basically 2 ways to do this. One, by laying the Beco on a flat surface, strapping the baby in, lift it to our body and then put on the straps. Asyraf really hated this, or maybe it was because we were fiddling with the buckles so much he got agitated with the whole thing. A bit worried that he would fall out when lifting to our body, but turned out OK. The seond method, was more comfortable for us since we're already familiar with the apron style similar to using a Mei Tai. Again, fiddling with the buckles trying to strap Asyraf in. He cried. Ayah and Mama panicked. Once the buckles were all in place, though, he stopped crying and looked pretty comfortable in it.

Baybe said the Beco was very supportive and comfortable, he did not feel Asyraf's weight at all (he's around 6.5kg). I did not get to test the Beco at all so I can't verify this. We walked around The Mines for a a few hours, no problems. We did walk outside a bit from the parking in the building next door, it was about 5 to 10 minutes, but Asyraf didn't mind or notice the heat despite the bulk of the Beco. Baybe did not mention anything either. So I am assuming that it is not that hot to wear outdoors, for short a period of time that is. Will update more once we test it outdoors.

The straps. Le sigh.

The gorgeous Tyler print. Me like *thumbs up*

Oh, but the buckles! Perhaps it won't be so bad after we are able to use without the infant seat. It is possible to unbuckle the shoulder strap with one hand, but it is difficult. I had to help Baybe with it most of the times. The straps are also hard to adjust,not like in the instructional video. Maybe because ours was still new? The chest strap was fine. Nothing spectacular about the hood, or headrest as it is called in the video. The plus thing about the hood is that it can be conveniently stored in the waist belt when not in use, so you will not misplace it.
Waiting for our food at Nandos. Asyraf is teething again, 2 more on his upper front side.

All in all, I would give the Beco 3.5 out of 5 stars. I love it, but I wouldn't marry it. Turns out I'm more of a Mei Tai girl at heart... for now.


Shrek Forever After with Syakirah

Aiyoooo. Dah berhabuk dah this topic, but my new mantra is... Don't do today what you can put off tomorrow. Or the day after. Hahahahaa.

FYI, my blogging hours are mainly from Wednesdays to Saturdays anyways. My off days are reserved for catching up on chores, sleep (I can only wish with 2 small kids zzzzZZZZ) and spending quality time with my family. Oh, and when I am on the computer at home, I tend to load my Sims 3 game instead of the internet. LOL. Hey, I spent good money on the original versions, might as well get my money's worth hehe.

Back to the topic.

 We went on the 30th May at Midvally. I booked 2 slots, just in case we missed the first one and our seats got released. Fortunately, it wasn't. Phew!

It turned out we were worried over nothing. Syakirah was relatively well behaved through out the entire movie, except a few kicking-seat-in-front and talk-out-loud incidents. Only thing is that the seat in front of her, together with the head of the person sitting in it, obscured part of the screen for her. Boo for cinemas not being kid friendly. I paid full seat for Syakirah too. They should only charge for a seat if the child is above a certain height, not age. Mr GSC, please take note.

The movie itself was downright hilarious! I think I might have enjoyed it more than my kid. A much better comeback from the not-so-funny Shrek The Third. Yeay for new character, Rumpelstiltskin. I still remember him from my old fairy tales book. I even named a teddy bear after him! Does anybody else remember the fairy tale?

The movie sees Shrek malcontent with his current place in life as a father and husband, having had his inner ogre domesticated by marriage. He just wanted things to be the way it used to be. But be careful what you wish for, Shrek... sometimes it might just come true, and a higher price than you are willing to pay.

I had several lough out loud moments and a few tearjerkers, especially when Shrek realized he might never see his family again and pulled out his daughter's squeaky toy from his pocket. Adeh! Mommies, please bring a tissue with you.

In the end, true love conquers all and we are left with huge smiles on our faces. Feel good movie for the entire family. Next up, Toy Story 3!

Poor Asyraf had to stay at MIL place. Tunggu dah besar sikit yer, sayang?

"Mama, apa tuh??"

Erk. Gangster-nyer posing.

Big girls need their own box of pop-corn and cup of drink.


The CW 2010 Sourcies

>> Saturday, June 5, 2010

Vote for your favorite CW shows here!

Get ready for the 2010 Sourcies!

Hello out there in Sourceland! We've got big plans afoot for the summer, and we need your help! We're compiling nominations for the 2010 Sourcies, which will run from June 14 through July 16. Why the short run? Because after that, we'll be sending you news from Comic Con, the TCAs, the Teen Choice Awards, and still more events until the new season starts. So let's got to it!

Our Sourcies categories this year are:

   1. Best Kiss
   2. Hottest Scene
   3. Best Fight
   4. Most Heartbreaking Moment
   5. Most Surprising Moment
   6. Best Villain
   7. Funniest Moment
   8. Favorite Bad Boy
   9. Favorite Recurring Character
  10. Best Cliffhanger

We're expecting big things this year with the addition of The Vampire Diaries -- will the Salvatore brothers be able to give the Winchester boys from Supernatural a run for their money? And how will One Tree Hill fans vote now that Leyton is out of the picture? Do the scrappy underdogs from Life Unexpected have a chance at glory? Will Gossip Girl reap in votes what it gets in buzz? Will Melrose Place get some love from the fans even though the network canceled it? Will Smallville fans come out in force after the move to Friday night? Will 90210's crazy plot twists make the grade? And will America's Next Top Model bask in rewards or wallow in dreckitude?

It's all up to you: Let us know what scenes, characters and moments should appear in each category. We'll present our slate of Sourcies starting June 14 -- get ready, and may the best show win!

Really? Do you even need to ask what I voted for? LOL. Except for a couple of The Vampire Diaries and Damon Salvator entry, others were predictably for Supernatural. Make your vote count yeah? Here's mine...

#Best Kiss: Supernatural (Bobby/Crowley)

#Hottest Scene: TVD (Damon dancing on 2nd floor railing)

# Best Fight: Supernatural (Lucifer VS Other Gods)

# Most Heartbreaking Moment: Supernatural (Sam's flashback when he saw the toy soldier in the Impala just about Lucifer was going to finish Dean off. And if anybody disagrees, they're wrong. So there)

# Most Surprising Moment: Supernatural (Chuck vanishing in a puff of smoke.. is he God???)

# Best Villain: Supernatural (Lucifer. Hel-lo? He's the Devil!)

# Funniest Moment: Supernatural (sitcom theme song for episode Changing Channels)

# Favorite Bad Boy: Supernatural (Crowley) AND TVD (Damon Salvatore)

# Favorite Recurring Character: Supernatural (Castiel)

# Best Cliffhanger: Supernatural (season finale closing scene where Sam stood outside the house watching Dean. Is that Sam or Lucifer? Why did the lightbulb went off? Is he a demon now? HOW DID HE ESCAPE HELL???)

Final score? Supernatural - 8.5, The Vampire Diaries - 1.5.

More icons here.



>> Friday, June 4, 2010

Every Child Needs a Family

OrphanCARE is a non-profit non-governmental organization whose objective is to give orphans and abandoned babies in Malaysia the love, care and security children deserve. We believe ‘Every Child Needs a Family’

OrphanCARE  aims to help change society's mindset towards orphans, recognizing that children should not be left permanently in orphanages which should really only be 'transit points' before they are placed with families who can raise them in a proper family surroundings.

Head Quarters
OrphanCARE Malaysia
6 Lorong SS 1 / 24A
Petaling Jaya

Telephone:     +60378761900
Fax:     +60378751900
Mobile Phone Number:     +60123938337

 I read about this on Catlina's blog this morning. I remember reading about it on The Star last week or so. You can read the article online here. I also remember  thinking that it was about time Malaysia did this. I cannot stomach any more pictures of innocent newborns being thrown in drains or garbage bins whom, I fervently pray, were no longer alive when it happened. I do not even want to consider the possibility that they were still breathing when they were 'disposed of', thinking of their fragile skin being bitten by insects, exposed to our hot or rainy weather... It's just too much to bear. 

I know some people think that a program like this will only promote more (unsafe) pre-marital sex. I agree to disagree. Let's look at the bigger picture. Education is still important to deal with the issue. Pre-marital sex is haram in Islam, so is abortion without any valid medical reason. Unprotected sex is foolish as it can result in Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) or worse, an unwanted pregnancy. However, the innocent babies born out of the whole ordeal is in no way to be punished for the mistakes their parents made. They should be given their chance to lead a healthy and happy life, surrounded by people who would love them and care for them.

Thank you, OrphanCare, for giving these so-called unwanted children the chance they rightfully deserve.

On a more personal note, I have always wanted to be a volunteer for a cause such as this one for as long as I can remember. It is just something I feel very strongly about. I would really love to sign up as a volunteer, especially since their center is just somewhere here in PJ, but as a wife and mother to 2 children, I would have to ask  Baybe's permission first. I will still try to help this worthy endeavor in any way I can though.

If  their plight has in any way touched you, please visit their website where you can pledge your support as a volunteer or even sign up to adopt a child. Blog owners can even help spread the word by blogging about OrphanCare. I am sure that the children under their care would appreciate it... and so would I.


ANOTHER tragic accident! Girl burnt to death because BHP attendant refused to lend fire extinguisher.

>> Thursday, June 3, 2010

Astaghfirullah al azim. I became aware of this news when it re-tweeted by several people. I quickly Google-d to learn more on the story, and this is what I found out.

Woman Burnt To Death In Three-vehicle Accident

KUALA LUMPUR, June 3 (Bernama) -- A woman was burnt to death in her Myvi car in an early morning accident in Jalan Cheras after another vehicle from the opposite side of the road skidded and hit her car which was then rammed by a three-tonne lorry carrying vegetables.

The accident happened near the Cheras velodrome at 3.30am and police are trying to identify the dead woman from the car registration number.

"From the physical appearance, this accident involves a woman driver," Kuala Lumpur traffic police investigation officer DSP Abdullah Roning told Bernama.

Abdullah said a Toyota Vios believed to have been driven fast by a 33-year-old man skidded and veered onto the opposite side of the road.

It hit the Myvi car and crashed onto a lamp post, badly injuring both the driver and his female companion.

"The first accident made the Myvi spin a few times and it was hit by a three-tonne vegetable lorry from behind and burst into flames," he said.

The woman driver, however, was unable to escape and was trapped in her seat and burnt to death.

The lorry driver and his attendant were unhurt.

The injured couple were sent to the nearby Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia medical centre. The remains of the woman were also sent there.

-- BERNAMA @ here 

Apparently there was a witness, the person who supposedly ran to the BHP petrol station nearby to get a fire extinguisher to try and help the girl trapped inside the burning car. Read the FB note here. Not sure how long the note will stay there but am a bit hesitant to post it here. You can also read the note on this blog here. For scene photos, you can view them on this blog. Nothing graphic, I promise. Only wrecked and burnt vehicles.

This was just a plain example of "not in my own backyard so do I look like I give a flying crap" attitude. Since the internet is full of unsolicited facts, I refuse to get caught up in the "Let's boycott BHP" campaign... if ever. But seriously? I don't think that it sends the right message. Yes, may the alleged pump attendants be flayed and burnt at the stake for their selfish ignorance, but not buying petrol from a certain petrol vendor? Erm, yeah. Completely misses the point, dontcha' think? 

The body was burnt beyond recognition thus the identity of the victim is still unknown. Whoever she is, my heart goes out to her and her family. It is a sad day when we lose someone so young over a reason as stupid as being too kiasu. Boy, do I really want to bash somebody's head in with a fire extinguisher right now...


Super Mom Award

Thanks to Ica for giving me this award. Apparently I am a Super Juggler Mommy! How right you, my dear. We FTWMs (Full Time Working Mom) have to be a fantastic juggler to balance between paying the bills and being a mother. Sometimes I feel like a pancake (lempeng) stretched to the max trying to do everything and please everybody. Awards like these make me feel appreciated by others out there who are going through the same too. Terharu *SOB*. Bila-lah boleh jadi WAHM ni yer?

Super Mom Award

Welcome to the toughest, most rewarding job ever!

My 3 superpowers as a supermom would be:

1- Supermultitasking

I haven't seen THIS superpower yet on Heroes LOL. Probably cause no one can handle that much awesomeness. Imagine the things I can accomplish if I can multitask, say, a dozen or more things at once? I can wash/hang/fold/iron the laundry while chop/grind/fry/bake/steam in the kitchen and at the same time read/color/play/watch/cuddle with one or both my kids. Ahhh, bliss...

2 - Teleportation

I can pop in on my kids, and Baybe too, whenever I want. Also, would save me loads of money on petrol, toll and parking.

3 - Invisibility

I have always wanted this ability for as long as I can remember. A long time fantasy of mine is to be trapped in a huge shopping mall like Mid Valley alone at night so I can do whatever I want. I can grab snacks while reading any book I want from MPH while lying on a nice sofa or bed from one of the many furniture stores. The possibility is endless!

I want to pass this award to (in blog alphabetical order) ... 

Ica (back at you, sweetie)

If you're a Mom and you're reading this, then this award goes to you too! Because all Moms deserve and award ^___^


Syakirah's 3rd birthdy party (backdated woops!)

>> Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I know that this is plenty backdated, but as the club motto for us procrastinators go... better late than never! Excuses, excuses LOL

Since by  now I have almost forgotten the going-ons, this will be a mostly graphical posts. Thank you to all who attended. To Sukma and Lixa, nanti mama update piccies kat FB yerrr? Very possibly before Asyraf's birthday in November hahahaha.

Babywearing mama-s. Quickly turned into a short BW demo to my curious relatives since Lixa brought her stash over.

Syakirah's 3D cake from Secret Recipe. She originally wanted a Ben 10 cake.Yes, I think my daughter is becoming quite a tomboy *SIGH*

My sisters, Diana and Farah. Nobody ever said we Saleh sistas was a sane bunch mwahahahaha.

Happy Birthday, Syakirah! Baybe and Syakirah cutting the cake.


The Vampire Diaries: Do we really need more beautiful undead?

Heck, yeah! Have you seen Ian Somerhalder? But I'm getting ahead of myself. Y'all will just have to excuse my over enthusiasm. I just finished the The Vampire Diaries season finale.

I honestly wasn't expecting much from the series. My first impression of the show was that it was similar to One Tree Hill, with vampires. Super hot older cast masquerading as teenagers? Check. Sibling rivalry? Check. Complicated love triangles? Check. Teenage pregnancy resulting in out of wedlock childbirth? Check. Distant relatives that actually turn out to be birth parents? Erm, let me get back to you on that one.

If the beautiful cast is a ploy to get you to grit your teeth and watch the first few episodes, the slowly revealing back story will reel you in and keep you watching for the rest of the season. Unfortunately, the love story between two of the main characters, vegetarian vampire (means he doesn't drink human blood) Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert is as vanilla as Edward Cullen's and Bella Swan. 145 years later, Stefan had returned to his hometown, Mystic Falls to get to know Elena, whom we discover in the first episode itself, resembles his old girlfriend. Elena, having lost her parents to a tragic accident few months before, was determined to have things return back to normal. They both bumped into each other in front of the men's room at school and... we all know the rest.

Cue snarky older vampire brother, Damon, who has no qualms whatsoever on drinking human blood. It's obvious that there is some bad blood (no pun intended) between the brothers. Three guesses say it has something to do with the dead girlfriend in the photo.

Surprisingly, for a teenage vampire flick, The Vampire Diaries is quite enjoyable. With all due respect to Stephenie Meyer, at least the vampires in Mystic Falls don't glitter. There is even one scene where Damon is reading from one of the Twilight series book and mentions the Queen of the Damned herself, (all hail) Anne Rice.

Damon: What's so special about this Bella girl? Edward's so whipped!
Caroline: You've gotta read the first book first. It won't make sense if you don't.
Damon: I miss Anne Rice. She was so on it.

Apparently The Vampires Diaries will be hitting Malaysian shores some time this month. Watch it. Not unlike Gossip Girls, it is a guilty pleasure that is futile to resist.As for me? I'll take a Salvatore over a Cullen any day!

From left to right: Damon Salvatore, Elena Gilbert, Stefan Salvatore


In the name of humanity

WARNING! Harsh language and swearing. Do not read if you are easily offended, or pro-Israel. No holds barred post *arches back and hisses*


By this time today, I am sure most, if not all, have heard of the attack on the Gaza flotilla raid by the Israeli commando army. Now, I am no political blogger. I don't throw in my lot to any ruling party of any country (at least not publicly), nor do I condemn any of them. I have only ever aimed to blog about things that are personally or superficially (think Supernatural, Gossip Girl etc.) important to me. However, how can any human with an ounce of compassion in their heart not feel any empathy with what is going on right now?

Firstly, most of the Western news channel are biased. The Israel media public relations team in on fire, monitoring and trying to divert our attention by laughing things off and making things seem not as bad as they really are. This is complete and utter bullshit, people. Imagine a PR team dedicated to doing this on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc. Have you seen some of the comments on the Youtube video where civilians "supposedly" attack Israeli commandos with iron rods? Mighty fishy, don't you think? I can't tell you you how I know, or else I might get arrested (like, really) but I have my connections.

Secondly, INTERNATIONAL WATERS. Hel-lo???Oh, and if men wearing balaclava dropped from helicopters into your home with big ass guns, would you invite them in for teh O and cikodok? I didn't think so.

My biggest gripe, however, is how the incredibly dense Israel officials are basically implying that these civilians on a mission of delivering aid to the victims of the Gaza massacre "had it coming" by bringing so-called weapons of mass destruction on board the ship. No wait, that would be me confusing the issue with Israel's biggest fan girl, the US of A. Am I the only one seeing a pattern here?

Wow. I am getting really worked up over this issue. My fingers are shaking while typing this. Seriously, though. How long is the international community sit here and take it up the ass by Israel and their bitches? Isn't it about time we pull up our underpants and just say no?

To all volunteers involved and their family members, our thoughts and prayers are for your safety. May Allah protect them and deliver them from the hands of evil. Amin.

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