I feel a disturbance in The Force

>> Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No, I have not gone into hiding in planet Dagobah. Asyraf has been feeling poorly again, poor dear. Even Syakirah was not spared and had a slight skin infection issue. All resulting in a Sleepless in Cheras Baru (not coming to any cinema near you, please don't check you local movie listings) episode for Baybe and I.

We had honestly thought that Asyraf was already teething. He kept salivating and chewing on his teether. We did think it was w-aaay too early for this nightmare to begin at only 4-months, but Syakirah started teething pretty early too, so what the hey. It would explain his lack of interest in nursing and everything.

That was until he started screaming later that night.

Please bear in mind that my son is very mild mannered as compared to his more intense older sister. To see him scream at the top of his lungs like that is very alarming, to say the least. Baybe and I could not change our clothes fast enough to rush him to a clinic that would still open at almost midnight.

When we arrived at the clinic, we were the only ones there. Baybe hadn't even finish registering us before the nurse ushered us in. I guess they panicked a bit too when they see my son crying and screaming like that. Hey, welcome to the club, ladies.

The doctor checked him and said he had ulcers (notice the 's', thus meaning in plural sense) down his throat. He was (my son, not the doctor) simply hungry because he could not feed properly. One anti-biotic and painkiller(?!) medicine prescribed later and we were off.

To make a long and tiring story short, Asyraf did not get better. We though, s*** this. Let's fork out the extra moolah and head to a specialist, who BTW, took one look down my son's mouth proclaimed that it was a type of fungus infection.

See? This is what paying an extra RM60 will get you. Fast, efficient and effective result. I know I am not being fair to the first doctor that we went to, since he was not a specialist in pediatrics after all, but darn it, I am sleep deprived, and tired, and had to leave my child while he is still not 100% better so I deserve the right to be grumpy!

Plus, I'm feeling a little under the weather myself.

All is still not well in the Universe. There is a great disturbance in the Force and I fear the fate of the Jedi still hang by a thread... Where is Luke Skywalker when you need him anyways?

Author's Note: This post was not sponsored by George Lucas in any way. Oh, and The Phantom Menace still sucks.


Ode to my family

>> Friday, March 26, 2010

What is the most important thing to you? Making loads of money? Advancing in your career? The power to do whatever you want whenever you want? As for me, it's no secret, that family is the most important thing. I have never realized though, just how much it means to me until what happened yesterday.

I have always taken for granted that I will always be surrounded by the people I love. It just didn't occur to me that as my children grow up, my parents will grow older as well. Especially since I see my folks everyday, you tend to miss the little things. Such as afternoon naps that lasts longer, lack of appetite, family outings in shorter bursts instead of an all day event. It doesn't mean I love my parents any less, it's just that sometimes, in the eyes of the child, you see your father and mother as this invincible force that will always be there for you when you need them. You think that they will always be on the other side of the phone when you need to ask them about this weird rash your 3 month old baby has been having for days now. You imagine that they will always have an answer to your every question.

I know that everything shall pass according to its time. I only hope that within this short time that God has granted us together as a family, that my parents realize just how much they have shaped my life and how much I appreciate all their sacrifices for my siblings and I. I want them to know that I love them so very much and I would be lost without their guidance. I can only hope that even though I didn't turn out to be a doctor as they had hoped, that they would still be proud of me as their daughter, as I am to call them Ayah and Mama.

So we have to a full circle. It's my turn now to take care of them now. Insya-Allah.


Murpy says...

>> Thursday, March 25, 2010

... I am the law.

...if anything can go wrong it will.

...your will not hear your alarm, despite setting 2 alarms on one handphone and another alarm on a separate one.

...you will be late for work.

...your will get premenstrual stomach cramps on the way to work.

...you cannot take MC because you are already on the way to work, besides, the roads are congested on the way back anyway.

...when you reach the office, you will get an e-mail from Human Resource saying that due to technical error, you will not be getting your pay today.

...the internet will fail when you are trying to post this to your blog.

I hate you, Murphy -____- ###!!


In the arms of the angel..

My mother's friend's 6-year old child just passed this morning due to cancer. Please pray for her family. Al-fatihah.

I  miss my babies so very much right now... :-(

Spend all your time waiting for that second chance
For the break that will make it OK
There's always some reason to feel not good enough
And it's hard at the end of the day
I need some distraction or a beautiful release
Memories seep from my veins
Let me be empty and weightless and maybe
I'll find some peace tonight

In the arms of the Angel far away from here
From this dark, cold hotel room, and the endlessness that you fear
You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie
You're in the arms of the Angel; may you find some comfort here

So tired of the straight line, and everywhere you turn
There's vultures and thieves at your back
The storm keeps on twisting, you keep on building the lies
That you make up for all that you lack
It don't make no difference, escaping one last time
It's easier to believe
In this sweet madness, oh this glorious sadness
That brings me to my knees

In the arms of the Angel far away from here
From this dark, cold hotel room, and the endlessness that you fear
You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie
In the arms of the Angel; may you find some comfort here

You're in the arms of the Angel; may you find some comfort here

Angel - Sarah McLachlan


Official Eclipse Trailer

>> Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh. My. GOD. My inner Mary Sue fan girl is screaming at high pitch while watching this. I so totally want to see it, especially since I was admitted to the hospital on the very day I was supposed to go watch New Moon. Not that I have any regrets, since aproximately 36 hours later my son was born into this wolrd ^___^

Meh, but I am still so p***ed at Bella. Like, hel-lo? Edward AND Jacob? Woman, make up your mind. She just drifts through not doing anything other than whine and complain and...

Anyways. I just hope that this movie will be better than New Moon. Or not.

Go Team Jasper!!!


No Sweat

>> Monday, March 22, 2010

No sweat. I can do this. I mean, if other people can do it, I should be able too, right? Seriously, how hard can it be?

Apparently, it is not as easy as I thought it would be. 200 words blog post on NOT sweating? I perspire just thinking about it.

Alright, alright. That's quite enough. I've had my fun with my pun (eh - I rhyme!) on the subject. Honestly, though. How can we possibly not sweat in the sweltering that is the Malaysian weather? And what's this I hear that the weather will continue until.. cue Google Search. Eh. Nothing on when this blasted blessing in disguise of a heat wave will end?

Pass the roll on deodorants around, please.

On the other hand, for those who dislike the sticky feeling of the classic "bebola golek" version, how about giving one of these bad boys a try? It's easy, convenient and actually smells kind of nice too. I mean, it smells absolutely fantastic o' mighty sponsors of Project Alpha Malaysia. Erm, please do not disqualify my entry.

Speaking of sweat, I have heard that some women find sweaty men attractive. I beg to differ. I am sure that a lot of people will agree with me on this. Maybe sweaty, nice smelling men can be attractive but bad B.O. is a no-no. Unfortunately, certain oblivious individuals still prefer to go au naturel in Malaysia. Especially when one is stuck in a crowded public transit after coming home from work? Choke. GASP. Breathe.

Please, people. Spray on some Adidas Action 3 now!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at www.projectalpha.com.my/auditions

263 word count. See? That wasn't so bad, was it? ^___^


Asyraf's Cukur Jambul & Berendoi


Mama, Ayah and kakak I'ya loves you so much, darling.. despite your bald spot now


    Beautiful Blogger Award

    Ooooooh. See the pretty award I have just won? Here's my chance to practice my award speech ala Oscars.

    Erm, I would like to thank Blogger for giving me my own private space F.O.C so I can post my lunatic ravings thoughts. Also, to OurBloggerTemplates for their flexible and highly customizable XML templates. Oh, and free stock photo sites for providing royalty free images I can edit and make into my blog header.

    And a HUGE thank you to Ida for giving me this award. You are awesome, sweetie. I have faithfully followed your blog since I discovered it. If anyone who is reading this and have not followed her, do it! Not only will you have an interesting blog to read from your blog list, you will also meet the sweet and nice person behind the blog as well ^___^

    Basically, here are the rules to accept the award :
    1. Thank & link the person that gave you the award.
    2. Pass this award onto 15 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic beautiful too
    3. Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won the award
    4. State 7 things about yourself.

    1. CatlinaFly
    2. 365 of Liza's Life 
    3. goldenoro
    4. Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel
    5. Oh My WTF!  
    6. Sand and Foam 
    7. spilt Teh Ais on papyrus 
    8. ♥ Welcome to Mama Alya's blog ♥ 
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    12. PoBazZ The ChaRmeD OneS
    13. Sheri's World 
    14. Wan's GirlGirl True Stories 
    15. ♫Kipas Susah Mati Penunggang Bertopeng♫ 
    16. Anybody reading this post. Go ahead, grab the award. You are all beautiful too ^___^ 
    7 (random) things about myself??
    • I am addicted to Teh Ais (I'm drinking it right now)
    • Where there's will, there's a way
    • When I was small, I wanted to be a psychiatrist
    • A true Scorpio 
    • Not really superstitious but why go against the odd?
    • Plan B. I live for Plan B. And C, D etc.
    • Have a love/hate relationship with my a**
    So there!


    KedaiGambarKami-Aivee Emart Best Photo Contest

    >> Thursday, March 18, 2010

    This picture was definitely not taken by any professional (i.e. my sister, Farah) and only using my Sony Ericson K810i. Also, thanks to this competition, I have just realized how very few pictures we have taken as an entire family. Syakirah was about 5 months old here. She is going to turn 3 years old in a couple of months. Yes, that is how long it is since Baybe and me joined the kids in the photo frame together, instead of snapping the photos away ourselves. Maybe I should arrange for a photo shoot for the four of us? *cough*hint*hint*cough*

    We took this picture on the first day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri at my Tuk Ngah's house in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. It was our first Hari Raya as a threesome, and even though Syakirah was not wearing a baju kurung, hey, at least we all wore uniform red! I think that was the first time I felt how real it was... married, motherhood, all that. Due to the nature of our work, we seldom get to spend normal holidays together as a family. To be able to wake up that morning, prepare ketupat and rendang for Baybe's breakfast, kiss his hand and ask for forgiveness... It all felt so... special.

    Intermission. Thank you, Baybe, for the past almost-5 years of our life together and for our beautiful children. Insya-Allah, we will try to make this work and last for the rest of our lives together... and beyond.

    Author's Note: Notice how thin I looked? Ahh, those were the days. Oh, and that finger ala the movie Shutter belongs to  my other sister, Adriana. She does that a lot, trust me.

    Anyways, this here is in conjunction with a competition hosted by KedaiGambarKami and Aivee Emart. The Grand Prize is a 1 hour outdoor photo shoot with KedaiGambarKami, how awesome is? The Infantino Jittery Jungle Fox from AiVee Emart for the 1st prize is cool too. I'd like for Asyraf to have it, since it's right for his developmental age, but I'm sure Syakirah will want to "share" it too.

     KedaiGambarKami is the "baby" of the lovely Mr. and Mrs. Catlina (hehehe, jangan marah), borne out of their love for photography. Started out as a hobby, they eventually thought, why not make some money out of it as well? Or at least, I think that was somewhere along their train of thought ^___^

    They offer services such a photo books, web headers, banners, and button designs at a very affordable price (RM 10++ for blog logo/badge). Check out some sample of their work. You might see something you like.

    The second sponsor, Aivee Emart sells some of the cutest baby toys I've seen in a while. Erm, yes, they sell other things too, but this was just too adorable. The price is also lower than the ones selling at retail stores, so it's definitely a bargain.

    Thank you for taking the time to view this not-so-flattering image of me and reading the silly but sentimental reason I chose it. Hopefully, it will bring our family luck, eh?


    Dear Me,

    Mini update during lunch. Here is a list of things to do, lest I forget...

    KedaiGambarKami - AiVee Emart Best Photo Contest Complete
    Catlinaflybaby Presents " Nur Dayana Insyirah 1st Birthday Giveaway"
    Mama Patch Complete

    My TV shows:
    Review: Heroes Volume 5: Redemption
    Review: Supernatural Season 5: The road so far (Due: March 24)

    Sims Store for Malaysian Sims3 gamers campaign 
    Button! FB fan page! Twitter!!

    Movies to gotta-gotta-gotta watch
    Alice in Wonderland (forgive me, Tim Burton. You still own my heart, I promise!)

    Arghhh!! So much to do, so little time!


    My Favourite Surfing Spot

    >> Tuesday, March 16, 2010

    What kind of a Malaysian would I be if I my favorite hangout is not at a mamak shop? Nowadays, more and more local eateries come equipped with wi-fi. I mean, how awesome is that? You get to eat, drink AND play Mafia Wars at the same time! Well, yes. Technically, you could do those activities at home as well, but no matter how hard I try, my teh ais just does not taste the same as the ones at my usual local haunt (you know who you are.. what's up macha?)

    I remember back in the days when I had to go to the nearest cyber cafe to download song lyrics. Erm. Let's not go there. Moving on...

    Nowadays, all one need to do is plug in a wireless card or modem, if it has not already been built in to your computer, and voila! Twitter, Facebook and Blogger at the tip of your fingertips. Anyplace, anytime. As long as you are not sitting in a cave that is. Even then, I think certain ISPs might still have some coverage.

    P1 is one of the latest Internet Service Provider (ISP) here in Malaysia. Who can forget their ingenious Sudah Potong campaign? And by the way, just for the record... yes, I have.

    Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

     Word Count: 213


    Calling Malaysian Sims3 Gamers

    I am a woman on a mission! As a hardcore Sim-a-natic, wait, that was redundant, wasn't it? Oh well, thus, it proves my point TWICE. I repeat, being what I am, but of course I promote playing only the original (you know Malaysians, hmmm) and to download only the best content for your Sims.

    My usual download resource is TheSimsResource. I have been a member since my The Sims (1) days. I also recommend getting the premium account, if you can afford it. Even if you don't, 3% of the content is rotated for free download so check often for an item you simply have to have, mmmkay?

    I have never really paid much attention to the Sims Store. I thought, whatever, I can get my custom content anywhere else on the internet. However, after numerous computer crashes later, I am becoming more prudent in my choice of custom content installation. And what better way than to get my downloads from EA themselves, right?

    Upon registering The Sims 3 on their website, I am given 1000 points to redeem and pointed to in the direction of the Sims Store. Oh. My. God. I am in love with over half of the content there. The ones that I gotta-gotta-gotta have is the Animals Abound Set. Note: It's already on my wish list, in case someone is generous enough *WINK*WINK*

    There is only 1 downside. My points are insufficient to purchase most of the items I want, and get this, there is no way for me to purchase more! Apparently, Malaysia is not listed as a supported country. I have gone as far as contacting their e-mail support, leaving a message on their actual Facebook page and their Twitter account, but alas! I am but one person. A small, insignificant player in a country that is less important than the other 26 countries currently supported, in several languages in certain countries too.

    I am not going to take this lying down! I demand my rights to waste my hard earned money on make-believe objects for the gratification of my gibberish Simlish speaking, simulated humanoids!

    Who's with me?

    Author's Note: I'm serious, folks. I am making a banner for people to place on their blogs/websites as we speak. I am also going to create a Fan page on FB, and Twitter my way to success. Will update on progress soon.

    Images: The Sims Store 


    A rose by any other name

    >> Monday, March 15, 2010

    I need a new perfume. There are just a few bumps on the road:

    A) I don't have time to physically go and buy it

    B) Even if I had time, I don't know which perfume to get

    C) Even if I knew which perfume to get, refer to to A)

    Thus we have come to a full circle. Oh, and..

    D) I have to stop writing posts that look like emails from tech support

    I am currently using Princess from Vera Wang. The perfumes that I have used in the past and loved to bits, in numeric order, are...

    1. Contradiction for Women by Calvin Klein

    2. Sui Dreams by Anna Sui

    3. Clinique Happy Hearts by Clinique

    Based on my previous (and current) perfume preferences, what other perfumes do you think I should get? 

    Images are all from Google Image Search


    My first RM0.25 from Nuffnang


    I mean, I know I blog just for the heck of it and not to actually make loads of moolah, but still... This is pathetic! Any tips appreciated, please ^___^


    Notice the lack of posts/200+ words posts??

    Cartoon by Mr. Fish.

    Work is killing me, I tell you. Killing me!! Oh, and how awesome is the name Mr. Fish for a penname? I should start calling myself Ms. Keyboard Shortcut or Ms. SHIFT+CTRL+ESC or something LMAO


    Mama's little Bugger bug-ed

    >> Friday, March 12, 2010

    Asyraf hasn't been well these past few days. Poor thing been having low grade fever and flu. The thing is he has never gotten sick before, not even after his immunizations.Yesterday the nursery called me when I was at work, telling me he's been fussy and crying since I dropped him off. Oh noes!

    We picked him up, together with a much delighted Syakirah because she can go home early, and took him to a clinic. Nothing too serious, thankfully. It's just that he's such a good baby most of the time that when he fusses, it really causes me to worry. Even when I know there's nothing to worry about, according to the doctor-lah, but I guess that's the mother hen in me.

    Tomorrow, we're supposed to go to PD with my parents. I hope Asyraf will be well enough to go. Or else, we'll just skip it, I guess. I also still need to go shopping for Asyraf's baju melayu for his cukur jambul next week.It's going to be hot but I doubt MIL will like it if I just put him in a romper. Hmmm.

    Anyways, see y'all by the beach. Hopefully ^___^


    Jamie Oliver wins 2010 TED Award

    Jamie Oliver’s Wish: 
    “I wish for your help to create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.” 

    I adore Jamie Oliver. He is just so... adorable! I've been watching him grow on TV since his first controversially named show, The Naked Chef.

    No, he was NEVER naked on the shows. That would be just gross considering it's a cooking show and all.

    Anyways, I've been watching him grow physically (rounder but still adorable) and as a person as well. A few years back he started a revolution in his home country, trying to campaign for healthier food to be served at schools. The show was called Jamie's School Dinners. I would like to say that everyone is eating healthier food in the schools in England nowadays but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day after all!

    Imagine my Tweet-in' surprise when I read this tweet, #RyanSeacrest if ur a mother, father, aunt or uncle, you need to see this: http://bit.ly/bxomqm. Oh, and BTW, I follow Ryan Seacrest for the American Idol updates. He tweets like, so much. It's great to know what goes on behind the scenes. Moving on...

    Click on the link and watch the video. Jamie's speech is so inspiring. He is obviously very passionate about the issue and I wish him all the best in his endeavor.

    Congratulations, Jamie! I hope you make a world of a difference ^___^

    Read about the TED Prize here.


    Preview of My Snugg Mei Tai

    >> Tuesday, March 9, 2010


    It's going to be a 2-side panel strap Mei Tai with normal sleeping hood. I am bouncing in anticipation, impatiently waiting to get my hands on my own Mei Tai. Much love to Liza for accepting my order despite of her delicate state. Love ya', doll. Don't work too hard! ^___^


    Best Blog Entry Winner for Children's Book Giveaway @ Little Red Reading Nook

    >> Monday, March 8, 2010

    About a month ago I entered my very first online giveaway/contest thing. I mean...books. Free books! I just had to give it a shot. It was a no-brainer. Based on the number of entries and the effort that some of the participants put it, I did not have much faith in winning, especially since the grand prize winner would be decided by random choice. Let's face it. no matter how many times I showered with 7 different types of flowers (mandi bunga), I am not the luckiest person in the world.

    I was not able to get online over the weekend  and only managed to check my blog list this morning. Al-hamdulillah.My entry was chosen as the Best Blog Entry. Can I squeal now?


    Thank you so much to Hui Wearn for this lovely giveaway. Although I am a bit disappointed that I did not win the Maisy's Home & Garden Pop-up & Play Book, I can still buy it from the blog later. And maybe another half dozen books while I'm at it hehe.

    Author's Note: If you are my husband and you are reading this, please disregard the last line from previous paragraph. *does hand like Jedi mind trick thing*


    Hello, Stranger!


    Notice how happy I looked and how much Baybe looked like he was going to cry? He's always liked me with long hair. During our courtship days, he only ever took notice of me after I outgrew my hair *rolleyes*

    It's OK, Baybe. Remember, hair grows!


    At a (hair) loss

    >> Friday, March 5, 2010

    I've called in the plumber. My shower drain is clogged. My hair brush is bushy and there is hair everywhere I look. There's hair on my pillow, hair on the floor, hair on my clothes, and the very last straw, hair on my brand new Samsung wide screen monitor. I am. Not. Happy.

    Me after giving birth to Syakirah in 2007
    This is me after giving brith to Syakirah in 2007.This is me NOW

    Postpartum hair loss is common. After I gave birth to Syakirah, I went through the same thing. Thank God for the What To Expect book series. Yes, I do realize that I could have simply Google-d TM the answer but bear in mind that at that point I was still using the ever unreliable Celcom broadband using my SEK810i as a modem. Sorry yer, bebudak Netcare. You know it's true hehehe.

     In the end I had no choice but to chop off my long locks. The hairdresser also recommended me a treatment to "balance the PH"of my scalp and to "stimulate hair follicle regrowth". What they oh-so conveniently forgot to mention was the shock treatment involved in the procedure. All I'm saying is that there was mild electrocution involved. I will leave the rest to your imagination.

    Oh, and the hair loss thing? Apparently, there really isn't much else we can do about it but wait it out. In the mean time, electrocution anyone?


    "I would do anything for love..."

    >> Thursday, March 4, 2010

    ... says Meatloaf. The band, not the food. But...would I?

    The more I explore the mommy bloggers world on the web, the more I realized that many are either already a Work At Home Mom (WAHM), or have plans to be one. Myself? I am still working in the technical support industry, working 12-hour shifts at a time. Probably sooner than later, I will be put back on rotation for night shifts again for an entire month at a time, from 7 pm to 7 am. I might not even be able to see my children on work days...

    *takes a deep breath*

    It's not that I am in love with my job or anything like that. It's just that it pays quite well for my qualifications and I need the money to help Baybe and my parents financially. I've been in this field for some time now and starting over in at entry level pay in a new field will greatly affect our money situation. So many people rely on me for so many things that at times I feel like I could implode with all the pressure.

    I won't though, because I can't. I have my two darlings that I cannot afford to let down. I have to do everything I can to balance working in this crazy industry while being a good mother, wife, and daughter. I have to be strong. I want my children to look up to me and find the courage to live their lives the way the see fit. I want to be there for my husband when he needs my shoulder to cry on. I want to take care of my parents when they can no longer take care of themselves, the way they took care of me when I was literally still their "little" girl.

    Maybe I'm just feeling broody because this is the first time my "monthly friend" come to visit in a long time. It doesn't change the  fact though. I would do anything for the ones I love... wouldn't you?


    Of Family Days, Baby Wearing, Car Crashes and Zombie Apocalypse (in that order) ~ Part III

    >> Wednesday, March 3, 2010

    Episode IV: Zombie Apocalypse

     Now, anybody who knows me well enough will confirm this, I am a freak over the undead, specifically zombies. I adore zombie movies and spend my free time planning how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Like actually, I will plan my escape route, consider things to pack in my survival kit , whether to use guns or. machete, etc. I believe that, based on the number of mutated, biological, infectious diseases going on these days, it is a matter of time before human kind starts turning into walking, brain-munching, rotting corpses.

    Do YOU know how to survive a zombie attack?

    Woops! I'm getting sidetracked.

    Anyways, on Monday, Baybe and I, together with Asyraf, went to Hospital Serdang to visit bro-in-law. MIL and bro-in-law #2 were already there. The parking situation was a complete and utter mess and it was blistering, I repeat, blistering hot. All I could think of was how wonderful it would be to be sitting down with a refreshing and tall glass of teh ais.

    Thus, after visiting hours were over, I convinced Baybe to stop by Steven's Corner near where we live for some ummph. It was drizzling by the time we got there but fueled by my addiction passion for teh ais, we persevered.

    As we sat down and placed or orders, the rain got heavier. I just thought to myself, we'll just stay here and wait out the rain. Within ten minutes I was having nasi lemak kambing and teh ais, while Baybe was enjoying his lamb/mutton in mint sauce (which is very good BTW, in case you've never had it). At this point, Asyraf was sleeping like an angel in my sling pouch.

    Then it started to really rain, a torrential downpour complete with thunder, lightning, the whole works. KL being what it is, in ten minutes there was already a flash flood. With the level of water rising steadily and the area being quite low and near a big drain, vehicle owners were getting restless. Some people were getting up to move their cars. We wanted to leave too, especially since our car was parked right next to a deep drain, but were worried about Asyraf.

    Warning! Do not read further if you are squeamish!

    The thing that convinced me to make a desperate attempt to leave the place was when roaches started coming out in droves from one of the drains near us. Imagine watching 20-30 roaches climbing up the sidewalk 5-feet away from you. I am petrified of those little black buggers and for me, it was like watching a scene out of my worst nightmare come to life. I was squealing and stomping so much the Chinese couple a few tables away from us started to back away slowly from me.

    I pushed Asraf, who was fully awake by now, into Baybe's arms and started grabbing our stuff on the table indiscriminately. All I could think of at that moment was to get as far away as possible from there. Have you ever felt so afraid of something at some point in your life, you almost feel like you might scare yourself to death? Yeah, that was what I felt then.

    I waited towards the center of the shop with Asyraf while Baybe braved the rain to move the car somewhere closer. My hero. By then, more roaches were appearing, interlaced with guest appearances by cat-sized mice. All hell broke loose. Men were grabbing car keys, women were jumping about, and all I could think of was... this must be what it's like when a zombie apocalypse happen. All the fear and panic apparent in this small group of people trapped inside a mamak restaurant.

    The strangest thing happened to me at that point. I grabbed my fear and smacked it on its ass, metaphorically speaking, I mean. I The fear just subsided and was replaced by an adrenalin rush. I was suddenly in full fight or flight mode. Like heck I was going to let a bunch of disease ridden pests come anywhere near me and my precious child. Wachhhaaaa!!!

    I even killed a roach by stomping it to oblivion with my own foot. I am so proud of myself *GRINS*

    It  just goes to show, that when it counts, a mother will sacrifice everything for her child. I mean, deep in our hearts, we mothers know how far we are willing to go for the love of our offspring. Yet, only at the height of absolute terror and fear for our very lives do we realize how true it is.

    I would do anything for my children. Anything. Even if it means that I have to brave through a whole nest/pack/swarm of roaches/zombies to do it, I would. It's as simple as that.


    Of Family Days, Baby Wearing, Car Crashes and Zombie Apocalypse (in that order) ~ Part II

    Episode III: Car Crashes

    Coming back from Cherating, we arrived home at about 5.30 pm. After being cooped up the car with a Syakirah (restless as ever) and Asyraf sniffling (poor thing had the flu) all the way, I was just so glad to be able to get out of car and stretch my old weary bones. With 3 loads of laundry and a sack of ocean products i.e. keropok lekor, to sort out, as usual, I had to go into Quad-core mode to get things done before the kids' bedtime.

    Later that evening, while I was folding a pile of clothes that (I s*** you not) as high as my waist, bear in mind that I'm not really that tall either, Baybe realized he left his phone in the car. So, OK-lah. He went downstairs to get it. When he got back, he was visibly upset and was talking to MIL over the phone. Apparently, his younger brother was involved in an accident. Subhanallah.

    I wanted to go with him to the hospital but Syakirah and Asyraf were both already asleep. Besides, they might not allow children into the ER. I felt really bad for my MIL and wanted to keep her company. My  husband's father passed away when he was 18 and he is the eldest in a family of 3 boys. Being a first born myself, I know what it's like to feel responsible for your family.

    The car, Baybe updated me later, was a total lost, whatever that means. But Al-hamdulillah, his brother not only survived the crash, but was relatively unscathed, just fractures, tears and bruises. Considering the condition of the car, it could have certainly gone much, much worse.

    Update: Bro-in-law has been discharged yesterday and is now resting at home.

    To be continued...


    Of Family Days, Baby Wearing, Car Crashes and Zombie Apocalypse (in that order) ~ Part I

    >> Tuesday, March 2, 2010

    How was your long weekend? Did you enjoy yourselves? Did anything productive? Awesome! 

    I suppose that from the title of my post, you can pretty much guess how my extended weekend went. I might be have to post in two parts to fill y'all in. Or maybe I'll just condense everything into bite-sized paragraphs. It depends on my ISP's mood. Right now, it's being a bit temperamental. Hmmmph. 

    Episode I: Of Family Days

    From 26th to to 28th was Baybe's Family Day. This year, his company is doing it in Cherating, Pahang. We didn't go last year because Baybe had to work. Hey, at least he won a lady's handbag and purse for me in last year's lucky draw! Albeit, I'm sure the person who chose it was partially blind or at least, blind to fashion,  but I digress. 

    Anyways, we thought it would be a good idea to go with the kids and spend quality time as a nucleus family, or some term like that. But of course, Murphy never rests, even on a 3-day weekend. Note to self, even a well organized trip could turn into a disaster in the form of a bored toddler and a harassed infant in a compact Myvi, thus resulting in an exasperated Mama and distressed Ayah. Halfway to Kuantan we realized that our bag of adult toiletries (the kids' stuff was packed separately, thank God for small miracles) got left behind. Not a good start. 

    Arriving at 4.30 p.m,  we barely had time to refresh (Hit F5! Hit F5! ~ computer joke, sorry! I couldn't resist) before Baybe had to join the inter-department volleyball match. Erm, let's not focus on the outcome. After all, it's the good sportsmanship that matters most *SNORT*  The accommodation and FnB was below average. I mean, I know the hotel is only 3-star but sheesh! Thankfully, it's not coming out of my pocket or there'll be some choice of words for sure.

    As a last minute thing, Syakirah and Asyraf signed up for 'Pakaian Beragam' and 'Bayi Paling Comel' competition. We didn't even bring anything fancy for the kids to wear, just normal stuff (Guess, Baby Gap, Carter's.. y'know, same 'ol same 'ol LOL) so no fair! I mean, we decided to "give face" and let the boss' kids win. 'Coz we're just nice like that *wink*wink* We didn't even win anything for this year's lucky draw. Boo!

    The itinerary did not include a lot of activities for spouse and children under the age of 4, so it was not as enjoyable as it could be. Plus, we skipped the trip to the turtle sanctuary on the account of it being hot as heck and the kids weren't feeling up to it. But we did manage to get lost all the way to Kemaman and buy some keropok lekor! 
    Next year, I vote for Bali! 

    Episode II: Baby Wearing

    In the midst of my BW phase, I figured it would be a good idea to borrow a Mei Tai baby carrier to Cherating to fully test its compatibility with Asyraf, and maybe if we're really lucky, Syakirah as well. Erm, we weren't so lucky with Syakirah as there were no opportunities for us to even test it with her. Thanks a lot to Lixa for making the effort of borrowing the Mei Tai from a fellow baby wearer for us *hugs*kiss* As a Plan B, I brought along my trusty Littlepods Pouch 'cause you just never know..

    The only position I dared to try was the front carry. From the numerous videos we've seen on Youtube and through Lixa's careful guidance, I attempted to put Asyraf into the Mei Tai with both the froggy legs position and one leg in, one leg out position. At first, it seemed like the second position suited better since it was a better fit. Upon a few tries later on our own, Asyraf seems to prefer it with froggy legs instead. Fickle eh, anak mama ni! 

    Loads of testing still required. Need to practice, practice, practice. I'll need to be returning the loaner Mei Tai soon and I am still no closer to deciding if I'm going to get one of my own or a SSC instead. "Decisions! All the time, decisions!"

    Note: If you can where that quote is from, I'll get you a cookie. Like for real, I'll courier it to you and all ^___^

    Wearing a baby carrier seems to literally bring out my ass  LOL

    One thing I'll admit is that I have not been able to carr Asyraf around in any baby carrier, either a pouch or MT, while he is awake. If he's asleep, putting him in and carrying him is a cinch. He sleeps really well in them. But if he's awake, he starts to get fussy and dislikes being confined/restrained. Am I doing something wrong or is he just like my daughter and dislikes being carried around in a carrier? Eh.

    To Be Continued...

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