Some joker releasing Conficker C worm on April's Fool

>> Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What Happens on April 1, 2009?

Systems infected with the latest version of Conficker will begin to use a new algorithm to determine what domains to contact. Microsoft has not identified any other actions scheduled to take place on April 1, 2009. It is possible that systems with the latest version of Conficker may be updated with a newer version of Conficker on April 1 by contacting domains on the new domain list. However, these systems could be updated on any date before or after April 1 as well using the "peer-to-peer" updating channel in the latest version of Conficker.

How does the Conficker worm work?

Win32/Conficker is a worm that infects other computers across a network by exploiting a vulnerability in the Windows Server service (SVCHOST.EXE). If the vulnerability is successfully exploited, it could allow remote code execution when file sharing is enabled. Depending on the specific variant, it may also spread via removable drives and by exploiting weak passwords. It disables several important system services and security products and downloads arbitrary files.

How do I protect my computer from the Conficker worm?

From Microsoft:

- Apply the update referred to in Security Bulletin MS08-067
- Ensure that user network passwords are strong to prevent this worm from spreading via weak administrator passwords

From AVG:

- All known variants are detected and healed by AVG. Read the FAQ.
- Please update and run full scan on your computer (if you are using AVG Paid version, make sure you run an Anti-Rootkit scan x3 )


Awwww! Ain't that just the cutest?

>> Monday, March 30, 2009

See more here from Best Week Ever TV website.

Now how
can something as innocent as that look scary on stage sometimes?

I haven't been reviewing American Idol in a couple of weeks because I've been watching it through reruns myself. Oh, when will I be able to watch it live without having to worry about trainings and such??!!


All Makan-Makan piccies

Been so damn lazy to update since last week. Mostly because I was just feeling so under the weather. Damn flu and fever. Or is there something more?? The jury is still out on that one on how I feel about the whole thing. Happy? No? Maybe? I'll give it a few more days at least to be sure.

Anyways, I've been to 2 makan-makan outing since. Eh, I have to post this according to structure, or else straight get bad notes from reviewer mwahahaha!!!!

Author's Note: I plead temporary insanity. It's almost time for weekly reviews again ^_^

A) Proffesional Advantage Makan-Makan at Yuen Steamboat, Sunway

Went there last Wednesday right after work. Baybe came too. I mean, how can I not ask the love of my life to an all-you-can-eat-steamboat-buffet? It cost aproximately RM20 per head, but definitely worth it for steamboat fans. So many choices! Free flow of soup, typical steamboat soup (chicken, I think) or tom-yam, and Chinese tea as well. A can of Coke is an additional RM2. I do believe that for those who prefer the tea to be more the Long Island kind, you can get those here too.

Did I mention the chicken wing madness yet? No? I have never seen any food disappear off a tray that fast. I swear, one of the kids caught it on video on his digital camera and it (the chicken wings, I mean) were all gone in 10 seconds! It took 3 tray refills before yours truly could even got her hands on a pair. I think the kitchen lady was afraid of us by then. People were literally waiting with those metal kitchen thongs and plates around the table. I mean - whoah!

The verdict? Emm, quite yummy, actually. Well worth all the waiting and grabbing... the chicken wings I mean! Typical Malaysian attitude with buffets. Hmph! Oh, and there's a fine of RM6 for every 100g of wasted food so beware! No piling plates sky high with Shitake mushrooms and then not eating them.

B) Effan's (my sister, Farah's boyfriend) birthday Makan-Makan at Restoran Seri Angkasa, KL Tower

Quite pricey - was my first thought, relatively speaking to other hi-tea packages offered by other hotels/restaurants. But then again, revolving scenery of Kuala Lumpur from a height of over 400m is pretty hard to come by. Parking was very limited. If you're in for a little cardio-action, I suggest parking somewhere else (The Weld etc.) and walking up the winding road up to the 'Tower. However, I seriously recommend taking the elevator to the restaurant rather as I don't think visitors are allowed to take the stairs all the way up without some special permission!

The food is only slightly above average. As we only went for hi-tea, the choices were limited to local cuisine, light western dishes and dessert. The latter, I must add, are quite plentiful and sweet, as in more sweet than normal. Those who have sugar issues, please avoid this mouth-watering, diabetes inducing spread. Oh, and if you're taking the bread pudding? Go easy on the cream. I think it could be 90% pure condensed milk.

Please make sure your digital cameras have sufficient memory, though. You won't want to miss a chance to pose to your heart content with the 360 degree view of Kuala Lumpur!

Baybe had to work and couldn't make it. Booo!!


FAST AND FURIOUS 4: New Model. Original Parts.

>> Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Release Date 2 April 2009 (Malaysia)
Language English
Classification N/A
Running Time N/A
Director Justin Lin
Cast Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez.

Source here.


Vin Diesel and Paul Walker reteam for the ultimate chapter of the franchise built on speed -- "Fast and Furious." Heading back to the streets where it all began, they rejoin Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster to blast muscle, tuner and exotic cars across Los Angeles and floor through the Mexican desert in the new high-octane action-thriller.

When a crime brings them back to L.A., fugitive ex-con Dom Toretto (Diesel) reignites his feud with agent Brian O'Conner (Walker). But as they are forced to confront a shared enemy, Dom and Brian must give in to an uncertain new trust if they hope to outmanuever him. And from convoy heists to precision tunnel crawls across international lines, two men will find the best way to get revenge: push the limits of what's possible behind the wheel.

-from ""

Finally, after 1 average sequel and another sequel with a cast list that made us go 'huh?', Fast and Furious is back with its fourth installment. I've heard good things about this one, so yeay! Paul Walker is such a hubba-hubba, hot hoochie papa LOL. Erm, Baybe if you're reading this, I love you wa-aaaay more than Paul Walker. I swear!


"I like watchin' the puddles gather rain..."

>> Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why am I not still in bed in this cruel weather?

Damn semi-auto umbrella got stuck so I was partially wet when I tried to get off the car

What a weather to be up and about for work. *SIGH*
Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages ~ Terry Pratchett
Unfortunately, that is so true.

On a brighter note, David Archuleta is coming down to Malaysia from 9th to the 11th of April! Oh. My. God!!!!!
Five exclamation marks, the sure sign of an insane mind ~ Terry Pratchett
LOL Sorry. I accidentally read that quote while looking for the previous quote and I knew I just had to use it.

Anyways, for (a lot) more info on David A's visit, you can go to Archuleta Avenue Malaysia.


TAGGED: The 4s

>> Monday, March 23, 2009

- Shy
- Shar
- Sha
- Mama Yeen

- 1 Jan 2000 - the most important date when Baybe and I formally hooked up <3
- 26 Nov 2005 - our wedding day
- 16 Jan - Baybe's birthday
- 23 May 2007 - the day my beautiful baby girl, Amni Syakirah came to us <3

- some irrelevant briefing just for the sake of killing time - huh?
- listening to J. Holliday's Bed, perfect song for a romantic, slow session hehehehe
- chat in Skype
- answering this darn TAG

- something to kill this blady headache
- a new smartphone would be nice...
- loads of moolah may be overrated, but hey, who doesn't want it?
- time for myself

- writing/blogging
- making graphics in Photoshop
- playing Sims2
- watching my favourite TV shows on box sets, 1 episode after another

recession so just aim for local attractions.. besides, proud to be Malaysian and all that ^_^
- Cameron Highlands
- Pulau Tioman
- Pulau Langkawi
- doesn't matter, s'long as both the loves of my life are there really

- teh ais
- coke
- teh ais
- tesco choice cola

- unfolded clothes mwahahaha
- tons of dvds (and I do mean they actually weigh almost a tonne when combined)
- part of my book collection which I read most or most recently
- half-used toiletries that I didn't like using but keeping in case of emergency (hey-you never know!)

- Green
- White
- Grey
- Urple (that IS not a typo, I really meant to write Urple) *wink* OFUM readers unite! LOL

- on my bed watching DVDs
- Mid Valley (movie, shopping)
- The Mines (DVDs, IT related shopping)
- mamak-s that serve good teh ais

4 persons U LOVE SO MUCH:
- Baybe
- My daughter, Syakirah
- My family (my parents, my sisters, my brother)
- Friends who have stuck with me through thick and thin and PMS..

- My collector's item, gold plated The One Ring!
- My books
- My DVDs
- The fanfics and graphics I've published

- Byxura
- Sheri
- Sue Kiwi
- Wanie

- no email Q right now
- seemed easy enough to not to do it now LOL
- better than falling asleep and drooling on my keyboard
- not allowed to stream shows at work - damn!


'Blady Mondays' and all that

Petalaing Jaya? Poor fellow who set this must have a case of Monday blues too

Yeah. One of those days. Having killer headache this morning due to damn tired and lack of sleep.

Went to An's wedding at the hall of Sekolah Teknik Sungai Buloh yesterday. Baybe had to work and couldn't make it. So I made arrangements for my sister, Farah, and her boyfriend, Erfan, to accompany me since there was no way I could drive that far with Syakirah without help.

Met up with the rest of the convoy at Menara Celcom at 11 am. I didn't want to get into it with the *G-pang makcik guard, so I parked at the RM3 parking. It really brings back memories to be here again.

Strange isn't it how in time, all bad memories are shadowed by the good ones? I can even laugh about things that used to make cry bucket loads back then. I guess what they say is true... Time does heals all wounds.

Anyways, I drove behind Nizam and Lixa's car, who I suspect might have gone a lot faster if there weren't a bunch of female drivers tailing them LOL. Oh well. Can't be too careful, wouldn't want their unborn baby to think their dad is a speed junkie ^_^

It was really, really hot yesterday. Thankfully I wasn't wearing a full-blown **baju kurung. Just a **kebaya top and a pair of jeans. It's been a while since I saw my friends. I miss them so much! Has it really been almost a year since I left Celcom? It feels just like yesterday. It must be true though, cause I saw Danish and Adam, my previous bossess sons' respectively. They were both born around the same time as my Syakirah, and they are so big now! Time really flies.

After the mass photography session with the bride and groom, we left. Farah and Erfan wanted to go and browse for their engagement ring. Habib Jewel was having a sale! Minus RM6 for every gram of gold. Wah-lau! But payday is only on Wednesday and today is the last day for the Sale. Bummer.

But you know... I want a bracelet which costs something like 3K average. I can get a decent laptop for that amount and if I was buying a clone PC, I can get a really good gaming one complete with minimun 19-inch LCD screen and 5.1 Altec Lansing speaker! O-kay. I'll stop talking in Geek now LOL

Speaking of which, Syakirah was acting up half of the day yesterday. I really don't like how she's behaving nowadays. I know that she picked it up from her daycare. Nobody at home ever uses that kind of language or behaves that rough. Well, at least they better not where I can see them! But seriously, I am very particulour (Baybe says the correct word would be "obsessed", but I beg to differ.. I think) about the way I raise my daughter. Ayah had one of his "motivational speech" about it with me last night. That's what I call it when he speaks in that tone. But my dad is really perceptive and I really respect whatever he says. I especially completely agree with him on this subject. I think it's time we start looking for another daycare. If anybody knows of any good ones around Pandan area, or better yet, Cheras Baru, please let me know. Really!

* Gila Pangkat - People who like to show off their supposed power, even though all they do is monitor parking space at a building *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*

** Traditional Malay female clothing

Baju kurung || Kebaya top


Yeah. I sucked...

>> Friday, March 20, 2009

Remember what I said before about my post being bitchier than normal? Well...

6 freaking bad notes?!!!

*deep breath*

I need comfort food. NOW!


Were-cuckoos? @ Anticipation is a b***h!

Came in this morning to b-aaad news. Since my moody outburst yesterday, apparently I messed up 4 more emails. In my defence, only 1 seemed to completely be my fault (even though it was on advice of my other batch-mates, I should have stuck to my own decision). The others seem to be on arguable terms. Me-thinks the Czech reviewers might have had a pre-weekend bash and all came to work with killer hangovers. Could've happened.

Anyways, the only positive thing I can think of is that if the review today will include everything up till yesterday, at least I still have next week's review to make up for it. It's not that bad if I don't go down a level today, even if all my other batch-mates do. Well, except for one other of course. He's kind of the black sheep of Batch 7. I truly think that without him around, the rest of us would probably not have ended up as close as we are to each other now. Our lunch time bashing sessions are legendary! LOL

Word of the day: Werecuckoo
Meaning: Customers who lose their sanity and send messed up emails to tech support during full moon

[12:16:16 PM] Shareen Saleh says: weird issues, cuckoo customers
[12:16:21 PM] Shareen Saleh says: all that
[12:16:42 PM] Shareen Saleh says: is it full moon or something?
[12:17:14 PM] aNdy says: haha dunno
[12:17:15 PM] ian stewart says: sha hit the nail on the head. its the blady cookoo customers
[12:17:19 PM] ian stewart says: ruin my day
[12:17:23 PM] aNdy says: customers changing to cuckoos
[12:17:24 PM] aNdy says: haha
[12:17:26 PM] Shareen Saleh says: hahahahaha
[12:17:34 PM] Shareen Saleh says: yeah cuckoo cust day
[12:17:37 PM] aNdy says: werecuckoos
[12:17:43 PM] Shareen Saleh says: hahahaha
[12:17:45 PM] aNdy says: no more werewolves these days
[12:17:49 PM] aNdy says: only those left
[12:17:56 PM] ian stewart says: (rofl)
[12:18:25 PM] ian stewart says: i hav to admit, i myself go cookoo sometimes. but i dun contact support when it happens!
[12:18:44 PM] aNdy says: lol
[12:18:47 PM] Shareen Saleh says: hahahahah
Yeah, just to make the day more colorful... If I could copy and paste some of the emails without breaching any signed contracts, I would. Damn werecuckoos!


American Idol Top 4 pre-selected??

>> Thursday, March 19, 2009

I was going through my weekly dose of gossip, when I came across this article..

How's this for an American Idol spoiler: a staff member has allegedly been telling people that the show’s creators have already chosen this season’s top four.

There are still 11 contestants America gets to choose from.


But the source took it a step further, denying that it is just speculation and claiming that higher-ups are taking issue with two of the top contenders.

Source here

I guess those rumours weren't true after all. It seems one of the supposed top 4 was just kicked out of the show. Which one? Take an educated guess ^_^


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Release date in Malaysia: 29 April 2009

What can I say? I'm a sucker for superhero movies. Preferably something that doesn't involve political propaganda in it *cough*watchmen*cough* Don't even get me started on that-movie-that-shall-be-named... And Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character dies right in the beginning of the movie? *disapproves*

Oooh, Gambit! I can't wait. When I was watching the cartoon, he was always my favourite character. And what's this I see in the cast list? Our very own Meriadoc Brandybuck (from Lord of the Rings, in case you haven't figured it out) is in it? Double yeay! But most of the other characters are less familliar to me since I never read the comics itself. But that's what IMDB is for!

More info on the movie here.


The time hath come...

Nope, I ain't talking about the result for American Idol Country Night. Although, that does remind me to check out some live blogging sites to see which contestant got the boot this week. How I ever lived without other AI fanatics doing blogging live (while the show is still on), I'll never know.

Anyways, I'm talking about the first review for our batch since we've been answering Live Emails tomorrow. I have to admit being a bit, well, a lot worried about it. Thanks to Haikal, one of the cooler Team Lead-s, we've already had a peek of how many bad notes we have. Apparently the review system on whether your level goes down from 100% to 75%, initially, is complicated to say the least. Needless to say, the less bad notes you get, the better. But it's also a ratio of how many emails you answered and the ones you messed up.

Thankfully, I only had 1 bad note (damn you avgremover!). I'm just worried I don't have enough notes. Well, if my post tomorrow is bitchier than normal...


American Idol: Country Night Preview

>> Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Might as well post this now since I won't get to watch the show at all today. Damn you Wednesday weekly trainings! Why can't it be any other day BUT Wednesday. I asked Bahar, the trainer, and he just gave me a blank look. FYI, American Idol is as valid an excuse as any, mmmkay? But going to my mother-in-law's later to pick up Syakirah anyways. I miss my little girl!

Sooo... Country Night eh? *SHRUG* Guess I won't be missing much then. I've never been much of a country music fan. Still, this is the night for the contestants to show how versatile they are *cough*cough*Adam*cough*Anoop*Allison*Lil*cough*cough*.

Too bad Jorge's not around anymore. Would've been interesting to see him sing Country with an accent...


Fallen Angel by L'Ame Immortelle

>> Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I found you broken on the ground
From your mouth a bitter sound
That became sweeter as I approached
You in your deepest agony

I put you up and raised you well
And more than stories ever tell
I fell in love with you those days
And hoped that you would too

You've been a fallen angel
Ripped out of the sky
But as your wings grew strong enough
You left me - behind to die

We built up our own world together
For our future I assumed
I believed in what you said that day
But was already doomed

The more you've learned and grown
The less you cared for me
But I was too blinded by my feelings
To see the dawning agony

You've been a fallen angel
Ripped out of the sky
But as your wings grew strong enough
You left me - behind to die

You've been a fallen angel
Ripped out of the sky
But as your wings grew strong enough
You left me - behind to die

I love you more than I can say
And we will never part
You told me nearly every day
But still you broke my heart

As soon as you could fly again
Into the open sky
You left me without any reason
Back on this world to die

You've been a fallen angel
Ripped out of the sky
But as your wings grew strong enough
You left me - behind to die

You've been a fallen angel
Ripped out of the sky
But as your wings grew strong enough
You left me - behind to die

Been listening this kind of music all day. Suits my mood. Somehow this song really reminds me of the show Supernatural. Possible Dean/Castiel plot bunny? Hmmmm....


Arrrgh! The pain! Part III

Previous painful posts here...

Arrrgh! The pain!
Arrrgh! The pain! Part II

Different kind of pain now. More southwards, but NOT that far South, you ham sap* person, you! Getting menstrual cramps, but without the mestrual. WTF???

I am in so much pain... But yesterday already took a day off work. Can't be so dodgy-lah because still probation period.

Period = Cramps = Pain *SIGH*

What are menstrual cramps?

Menstrual cramps are pains in the abdominal (belly) and pelvic areas that are experienced by a woman as a result of her menstrual period. Menstrual cramps are not the same as the discomfort felt during premenstrual syndrome (PMS), although the symptoms of both disorders can sometimes be experienced as a continual process. Many women suffer from both PMS and menstrual cramps.

Menstrual cramps can range from mild to quite severe. Mild menstrual cramps may be barely noticeable and of short duration - sometimes felt just as a sense of light heaviness in the belly. Severe menstrual cramps can be so painful that they interfere with a woman's regular activities for several days.

source: Menstrual Cramps (Dysmenorrhea)

*ham sap - Cantonese word for pervert


American Idol: Michael Jackson Night RESULT

>> Friday, March 13, 2009

Kanye West and Kelly Clarkson performed Heartless and My Life Would Suck Without You, respectively. Is it me or did Kelly put on a few pounds? She still rocks hard though.

Is it obvious yet how lazy I am to write the American Idol updates or do I need to use shorter sentences? LOL. Having no internet connection at home really sucks at times like these. By the time I eventually have time to post about it at work, all the magic has worn off. Sometimes, I even cheat by looking at other people's reviews to recap what I thought about the show ^_^

Megan and Jasmine were pulled out of the contestants first. Jasmine was the first to go. I hate to say "I told you so!" but... "I told you so!". She never really had anything special to me.

Jorge and Anoop were next. Anoop was not kicked out, by some miracle. Better pull your sh** together, dawg. Or else, it'll be the boot for you next time. I can't keep saving your a** all the time, you know! It was a very sombre Jorge that stepped down the stage. Well, I did remember saying that tackiness will only get you so far...

Methinks I better get internet at home. This is ridiculous. Never was much of an issue back in Datacom. It's much more strict here. Had to update this using Maxthon browser just to make sure I don't get caught. This sucks big time. *SIGH


American Idol: Michael Jackson Night

>> Thursday, March 12, 2009

Had weekly training session last night and barely made it home in time to watch Scott MacIntyre sing Keep The Faith. Apparently, I missed Lil Rounds who was on first. Bummer. Guess I'll have to watch one of the many repeats on Astro Star World this weekend.

So, last night the theme was Michael Jackson. I am sure that this has more to do with the fact that he is a musical icon and less to do with his concert tour that is coming up soon *roll-eyes* I was kinda hoping for someone to actually moonwalk their way to the next round, but alas! Will just have to make do with tight leather pants, karaoke happy hour, and something that almost looks like dancing.

Lil Rounds - (The Way You Make Me Feel)
I didn't see this one, but knowing Lil, she probably did a good job singing it. Whether or not it was an original, have yet to be determined. I'll catch a re-run and get back to that. I love the original song though.

Scott MacIntyre - (Keep the Faith)
Can't say I'm too familliar with this song. So, yes, as Kara pointed out, it's really amazing that he taught himself to play the song on a piano in a week. But his singing is still slightly above average for me. I have nothing against him being sight challenged. This is all about his singing. Really.

Danny Gokey - (Pretty Young Thing )
I could say the same thing about him. Yumm! *cough*cough* Anyways.. vocally, this man can do no wrong. He can sing and by now I'm pretty sure he knows just how well. Paula practically named him as the one of the top 2. Now she's gone and jinxed it. Just like Simon did for David A last season by almost all but naming him the winner of season 7. I don't think there was anything wrong with the dancing. After all, if it worked for Taylor Hicks...

Michael Sarver - (You Are Not Alone)
Smooth. Safe. A bit boring. I thought I saw some killer whales jump through a hoop there for a bit. Oh, okay, fine. I'll give Paula her stash back. Sheesh.

Jasmine Murray - (I’ll Be There)
Jasmine has a big voice. She's cute too. But I just don't feel her on stage. AI has a lot of good singers. She still has yet to standout from the crowd IMO.

Kris Allen - (Do You Remember the Time)
I don't see what the big fuss is about Kris. He's boyishly cute, true. A decent singer too. I just don't see him winning this competition. Sorry.

Allison Iraheta - (Give In To Me)
I like this girl. She's unique. At 16, she's still very young but that's in her favour. Maybe it's about time that America had a rocker chic for an Idol?

Anoop Desai - (Beat It)
It's no secret by now that I'm a huge Anoop fan. The man/boy can sing, mmmkay? He just makes poor song choices... like Beat It. What was he thinking? Nobody can sing this song but MJ. Not even Anoop Dog. Period.

Jorge Nunez - (Never Can Say Goodbye)
I know that some people say that Jorge is a poor man's Ricky Martin. I don't completely disagree. His accent doesn't bother me as much as it does Simon. It's just the tackiness factor in some of his song choices and performances. He has the voice, just need a little bit of work in the right direction.

Megan Joy - (Rockin' Robin)
Megan is quirky and fun and her song choice reflects that. As much as I adore Megan, she should show that she has more to offer or America will get bored of her soon.

Adam Lambert - (Black and White)
Mmmm, Adam rocks the stage in black leather pants. He's got ridiculous vocals, as Kara would put it. We all now by now that he can hit those high notes. I would like to see him sing something slower and more emotional.

Matt Giraud - (Human Nature)
Lately I've been noticing Matt in a big way. I love it when a white boy has a soulful voice. Top 6 definitely, if I had my way.

Alexis Grace - (Dirty Diana)
I've always liked Alexis. Loved the pants, but not so sure about the song choice. It's a big song and I don't think she did a good enough job. Pity.

Bottom 3 prediction:

  • Megan Joy

  • Anoop Desai

  • Jorge Nunez


Happy International Women's Day

>> Sunday, March 8, 2009

Some things happened recently that made me realize how important it is for women to know how relevant and special they are. Due to the circle I've been hanging around in these past few weeks that consists mainly of male, I've been hearing horrific stories of how low women have become in the eyes of, at least, this group of people. Has it really come to that?

I don't consider myself a feminist. Not at all. But it shames me beyond anything to hear of how low their opinion was on the women. Specifically, and will have to be frank here for the general good and all, Malay women who wear tudung, or head scarf. It seems that it is so damn easy to nail one these days that it is merely a matter of inviting them to some isolated location and... we have lift off!

I am more than aware that guys tend to exaggerate, sometimes even make things up to appear cool in front of their friends. Through my own personal experience, I know this for a fact. I'm not posting this simply based on half truths pulled out of some guy's hairy bum. I've seen this happen. I might even know a few of these women myself.

My message is simple. Please learn to respect yourself. If you do not think that you are worthy of the kind of love that you deserve, then you need to stop and reevaluate your life. You are not a piece of meat no matter what that cute-looking-guy-with-the-cute-butt might say. Start to believe that the opinion that matters most is your own. After all, when you look into the mirror every day, the person who has to live with yourself... is you.

To all women, Happy International Women's Day! It's our day!


American Idol Top 36 Wildcard RESULT

First of all, I honestly think that with very few exceptions, most of the contestants did much better this time around. This is their second/last chance to be in the finals after all.

Tatiana... This woman is just too annoying. Even in the video intro, she was already on my nerves. Will she never shut up? And after she sang, when Paula started to say something about the sudden appearance of her accent, Tatiana just kept on talking on top of her. Simon barely even got a chance to put her down, deservedly so, for singing the same song thrice. Which of course she disagreed with by saying that she thinks that the song choice was great and that she sang it much better this time around. To which Simon said that obviously the song wasn't good enough because she didn't make it when singing the song last time. Well said!

Anoop sang My Prerogative which I do recall him singing during Hollywood week but the judges didn't call him on it. Which is a bit biased, I admit. Or the again, it was probably because not even Simon could talk over a crowd that loud, even 2 minutes after Anoop finished singing! Go Anoop Dog!

The result was predictable:

  • Jasmine Murray - I am not so sure about this one. She sang OK but I predict a relatively early exit. Sorry, Jasmine.

  • Megan Joy Corkrey - Yes, her vocals probably won't win her the crown as the next American Idol. She has loads of personality and that should be enough. Might not do so well in the competition but will definitely make it in showbiz.

  • Matt Giraud - I never really noticed him, to be quite honest. Not during the audition, not in Hollywood week, probably couldn't even recall which week he sang in without the help of Google. Singing a Jackson 5 number, however, made me realize that he's not so bad.

  • ...and Anoop Desai - I was totally upset that when it came down to the final two contestants that Simon announced it was going to be Matt. I was planning my retribution when Simon called Anoop back to the center of the stage for what I thought was going to be a pep talk how he will have a promising career in the future and all that crap. It was a very pleasant surprise when he suddenly announced that this year they were going to make it top 13 instead. Yeay!

So in the end, there was 13....

• Kris Allen, 23

• Megan Corkrey, 22

Anoop Desai, 21

• Matt Giraud, 23

Danny Gokey, 28

• Alexis Grace, 21

Allison Iraheta, 16

Adam Lambert, 26

Scott MacIntyre, 23

• Jasmine Murray, 16

• Jorge Nunez, 20

Lil Rounds, 23

• Michael Sarver, 27


Watchmen Trailer

>> Friday, March 6, 2009

F-U-C-K!The trailer is so awesome! I can't wait to see this! I still have no idea about the comic or whatever, but that's not relevant. I'll IMDB the whole thing before I go watch it.

P.S. The song playing in the background is The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning by The Smashing Pumpkins. Cool soundtrack!


American Idol Top 36: Round III Result and Wildcard

I should've known that America was gonna vote for the guy with the handicap. They've always had a thing for the underdog (hint: the other David, not David A)

So last night's top 3 were:

  • Lil Rounds
  • Scott MacIntyre
  • Jorge Nunez
But there's hope yet. Wildcard! The whole time they were announcing the contestants for the Wildcard round, I was chanting "Anoop... Anoop... Anoop...". I mean, that one was a no-brainer. I swear if they didn't pick him, I would stop watching AI for the entire season, Danny Gokey or no Danny Gokey. Well, here they are. The deserved and undeserved few that were given their second chance...

1. Von Smith
2. Jazmine Murray
3. Ricky Braddy
4. Megan Joy Corkre
5. Tatiana Del Toro
6. Matt Giraud
7. Jesse Langseth
8. Anoop Desai

As always, I won't mention everyone. Just the best and worst. Oh, Anoop. I am so happy! He is unique, talented and he reminds me of Kumar (Kal Penn) from Harold & Kumar! Go Anoop Dog! Megan is one of my favourite female contestants as well. I hope she does well.

Tatiana? Why, oh why? Why did the judges feel that they have to bring her back? I don't know if I can put up with her self-absorbed, primadonna tendencies. Granted, that she can sing. But to have such a diva attitude when she is barely famous.. that speaks of bad things to come. Can you imagine how she will be if she actually won? Touch wood! If we wanted entertainment, they should have picked Norman Gentle instead. Now there's an entertainer! LOL


American Idol Top 36: Round III

>> Thursday, March 5, 2009

Woopsy on never updating about Top 36: Round II. My bad. In my defence, it was a pretty messed up week for me. No worries, though. Except for Adam Lambert's cover of the Rolling Stones' Can't Get No Satisfaction, there wasn't much to see anyways.

The contestants I was looking forward to seeing last night were Lil Rounds, sight challenged dude a.k.a Scott MacIntyre, Ju'not Joyner, and Kendall Beard... in that order. A surprise performance by contestant Jorge Nunez singing George Michael's Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me. I could be biased though. David A sang that song at last year's finals, but the judges did seem to agree with me somewhat.

Lil Rounds was awesome. And she sang Mary J Blige's Be Without You which is one of my favourite alltime song! You go, girl!

*SIGH* You know that American Idol has reached its maximum cheese factor when you start to identify contestants by the tragedies in their lifes rather than their actual names. For example, the glasses dude that lost his wife (Danny Gokey), the mother of 3 whose house was lost in a tornado (Lil Rounds), and sight challenged dude that taught himself how to play the piano despite his handicap (Scott MacIntyre). Do we see a pattern here? I admit that it is quite an amazing feat that Scott has done for himself. But let's face it, his performance last night was only slightly above average if he wasn't handicapped.

It's Kara..

vs them!

The stars of the show weren't the actual contestants themselves though. Is it me or do I detect an escalating tension between Kara and the other 3 judges? Kara is just trying to hard too prove herself and they just won't give her a break. I mean, Randy, Paula, and Simon have been doing this for 7 seasons. Instead of backing her up and giving her some slack, they're obviously ganging up against her at times. And what's this rumour going round that Paula wants Kara O-U-T because she is stealing Paula's thunder or some sh**? I think Paula need to take a deep sip of whatever they put in her Coca-Cola cup and calm down.

My favourite top 3 for last night's show:
  • Lil Rounds
  • Ju'not Joyner
  • Jorge Nunez



>> Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Release Date 6 March 2008
Language English
Classification N/A
Running Time N/A
Director Zack Snyder
Cast Malin Akerman, Carla Gugino, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Billy Crudup.

From GSC page here

I'll be honest. I've never read the comics. Never even heard of it until I saw the trailer. I wasn't even really interested to watch it until I saw the cast list.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian

The hot, hot papa Winchester himself! Not so sure about the mask and pseudonym. But I can't argue with the leather. He's been gone too long from Supernatural. With him being dead, ended up in hell and then climbed out of hell and vanished into a shiny, white light from above and all, I doubt we'll see him on the show at all.

Maybe just a short cameo, like a flashback? Or time traveling plot? Please? Pretty please???

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