Drop. Dead. Tired.

>> Friday, February 15, 2013


Here come the pain. Pass the painkillers, please... 


Kidz Paradise @ The Mines

>> Thursday, February 14, 2013

The memory is this post is tainted by the absence of photos that I was not able to take due to my phone being comatose, but I digress.

As was the norm, on or a few days after pay day, I wills scour online deal sites for a good bargain. My logic is, if I splurge on good deals while I am still flush, I can always use them later once I'm broke. Ta-daaaa! Anyways, in line with my logic, I purchased an online voucher for Kidz Paradize for a mere RM10 when the actual price is RM38 for all day access. Score! I can cough up to RM10 per hour per child at one of these indoor playground parks so I consider quite a big deal.

Image 2On the day my phone was supposed to be discharged (yeah, right), we went to Mines with the kids. Unfortunately, we would not be able to spend an entire day there but I was determined to at least get my money's worth. According to the voucher, it is located in Level 4. Cool. No problem. I know The Mines like the back of my han... *looks at back of hand* gee, I wonder when that mole got there. I'm in trouble aren't I?

For the uninitiated, yes, there is a Kids Activities centreplacething near the bowling area. Don't. That's not the one. It is a small room about the size of my bathroom and charges like RM2 per hour. The actual Kidz Paradise is located in the new wing (you know where Carl's Junior is? Except on the 4th floor). However, if you had to cross a bridge to get there, you've probably gone too far and is now reading this in Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC). Sheessh. This is hard. I hope that helps, somehow *sheepish*

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-vN49p0a6yDc/TrgNzoYoDlI/AAAAAAAAC4g/95kDKFbBz6c/s1600/RainbowBriteStarlitepic.jpgDespite the kind-of hidden location, what a sight for sore eyes it was. All candy colored and everything. I felt like I had stepped into the world of My Little Ponies or even Rainbow Brite! If you don't know what those are, you're probably too young. Le sigh.

Since it was on a Saturday, and more importantly, the day before Chinese New Year, the place was half full. On the other hand, it was also half empty, depending on your point of view *wink*wink*. Oh, and my second impression of the place? Not so great, on the security side.  There were less than a handful staff managing the place, but even then I think they could have done a better job at the reception area. It was disorganized, and almost anybody could have walked in and out with a child. Unhappy Mama is not happy. Did I also mention that you need to wear socks? Yeah, you do. But it's for hygiene purposes so that's fine. The not so fine bit is that if you didn't bring your own, it's RM4 per pair.

Note to self: Bring own socks!
Image 5Inside, it was a magical, pastel-colored wonderland. Filled with wondrous and yet sometimes confusing piece of plaything that appears to serve no purpose whatsoever if the bewildered looks on the children's face were anything to go by, but hey! We're here, there's lots to see and things to do, so let's have at it!

Image 3The sand (I think it's burnt paddy carcasses, if that's the right term for it) pit was an endless source of amusement for Syakirah and Asyraf, and eventually, Baybe and me.We could have spent hours just scooping the sand-thingy into the windmill-thingy. It was strangely therapeutic.

Image 1
Children of the 80s! If anybody remembers a children game show called Funhouse, you will be super excited to see this feature. Ahhh, to be small enough to go through all the obstacle courses, that is the dream.

Unfortunately we weren't able to stay long since we had to go back to MIL. So it is with heavy heart and dirtied socks that we left Kids Paradise. Will I come again? Well, Groupon? What say you? 


All of the King's Horses and All of the King's Men...

>> Monday, February 11, 2013

... could not put my Nokia C7 together again.

Since my last post since oh, I don't know... forever ago, was about my so-called smart phone, I feel it is only apt that I announce our trial separation in the consecutive post. Our tentative reunion date is on the day after Valentine's Day. Alas, but we could not share the bonded love between human and so-called smart phone device on the same day that the rest of the world does, but maybe that's for the best. Our love has run its due course and now is the time to end it gracefully.Up next... Iphone 5? Mwahahahahaha *echoing evil laughter*

The part that tickles (hah!) me most, is when I took it down to one of the booths at Mines, the person behind the counter (whom I had mistakenly assumed was a techician - never again!) said, in the most confident-I-am-more-IT-savvy-than-thou voice...

"Ini kalau bukan software isu, mesti hardware isu punya.."
Subtitle: If this is not a software issue, it must be a hardware issue

Haiyaaaa! Like that also can-ah?? My blood go upstairs like this you know!

Unfortunately there is no use crying over spilt milk, as they have successfully reformatted my firmware, which did not solve the issue by the way. After replacing some power chip thingamajig, they were not able to put my touchscreen back together again. Go figure. A-aaaaaand since it was the day before the International All-Things-IT Public Holiday a.k.a. Chinese New Year here in Malaysia, thus we are back to my initial gripe.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again.
Just call me Humpty. 

Header image credit: adapted from sxc.hu by Celefinwe © Celefinwe 2009

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