The Chronicles of Nokia: Touchscreen VS 'Bebola Golek'

>> Sunday, January 2, 2011

What is the big deal with touchscreen phones anyway? You can always tell the Iphone and BB owners apart without even looking at their hand held devices by the expression on their faces...

User A: *Focused and serious. Only using one hand to maneuver device *
User B: *Smug. Using one hand to hold device and one finger to maneuver device * 
You guessed it. User A is a Blackberry user and User B is a Iphone user. I can honestly say I never really cared whether I ever used a touchscreen device or not. I mean, it's all the same ain't it? As long as I can check my email, tweet and update Facebook status, who cares how I input the text? Boy, was I ever wrong.

Alright, so despite the numerous mental debate, I did not end up with an Mac OS, Blackberry RIM or Android device. Who would have thought that I would go with Symbian, but stranger things have happened I suppose. It has not been a totally smooth ride but more on that later. Surprisingly, or then again not so surprisingly depending on which team (mobile OS team, people. Get your mind out of the gutter) you're on, I happen to like using my C7 with touchscreen features. It's just so... exhilarating!

I like being able to create my own shortcuts and accessing my favorite menu/applications with the touch of a finger. I like that I don't really need to put on my glasses in order to read my email/tweet/update FB status. I like using a finger to scroll, sometimes, for no reason other than I can. Yes, people, I am afraid I have been infected by touchscreenmobileuserssmugness syndrome. Le sigh.

Baybe was using Nokia 5800 before upgrading *snort* to Nokia E72 recently as well. I don't think he ever fully appreciated touchscreen as much as he did now. Sure, QWERTY keyboards all  the rage amongst his colleagues, apparently, but more than once I caught him gazing longingly at my beatitful C7 with saliva drooling down his chin. I completely understand, of course. I even let him touch my phone when I'm not using it.

I now know that no matter how professional and business-like using a 'bebola golek' is, touchscreen is just better. If only for the reason that 'bebola golek' users will never be able to immerse themselves in the phenomenon that is Angry Birds.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some green pigs to kill.

We are goings to kill you, precious. Yes, we will.....

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